CITL Staff To Speak At Digital Preservation Conference

Several of our CITL colleagues (Robyn Bianconi, Jimi Jones, and Liam Moran) have been presenting alongside Karin Hodgin Jones (FAA faculty) at conferences about projects and infrastructure on our media team as a case study for sustainable practices in preserving large media collections. They spoke at iPRES 2023 and will soon be at the National Digital Stewardship Alliance’s Digital Preservation 2023 conference in St Louis.

CITL is currently working with Karin Hodgin Jones, Teaching Assistant Professor of Sustainable Design and Studio Art and Director of the Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design program in the College of Fine & Applied Arts, to perform a case study of the sustainable management of its large volumes of digital video and image content production and preservation, within an analysis of its institutional purchasing and waste management paradigms. The purpose of this analysis is to determine how device obsolescence at CITL can be mitigated in order to avoid future costs and to minimize the department’s contribution to the global e-waste problem.

Karin will talk about CITL’s Curricular Asset Warehouse (CAW) system as a case study in sustainable management of large volumes of digital video and image content production and preservation, within an institutional purchasing and waste management paradigm with foresight into the drivers of device obsolescence to mitigate future costs and redundancies.

Robyn Bianconi will talk about the history of asset production and management at CITL, from the days of mini-DV tape video capture to the current era of tapeless production and LTO tape storage. Robyn will give context for the development of CAW.

Liam Moran and Jimi Jones will talk about how CAW’s role in the digitization and preservation workflows at CITL are an effective strategy for minimizing CITL’s digital storage needs and, by extension, the amount of electronic waste produced by the department. Liam will show off key features of CAW to session participants.