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UCLA Athletics Deploys New Archive Workflow Solution

UCLA Athletics Deploys New Archive Workflow Solution — Campus Technology. Here’s a very interesting article about a university losing valuable media due to a less than comprehensive archiving strategy. This is a critical area the library working on with support of the CME. Phase One of the Media Census, the first stage of getting a […]

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Do You Edit Video On the iPad?

If you have an iPad and have any curiosity in video (that would be you if you’re reading this site) you most likely have tried iMovie. It was nice but the interface bugged me a bit. However there’s a new option out there and it’s from AVID. Yes AVID. Engadget has a good write up […]

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Audio Compression

Understanding Audio Data Compression: MP3s, AACs, and more – From the Studio Basics Blog – Universal Audio by Daniel Keller on April 25, 2011 2:12:32 PM PDT Love it or hate it, data compression (not to be confused with audio signal compression, which is a different issue) schemes like MP3, FLAC, AAC, and other […]

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Video-related Free Public Affairs Resources Available to Everyone on Campus

Joel Steinfeldt from Public Affairs presented vast collection of free multimedia resources his office offers to content creators at the January CME Community meeting. This session was well received and provided some excellent solutions to making your production have that official University of Illinois branding and identity. Below the resources are broken down into some […]

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Add Audio to Powerpoint

One of the oldest tricks in the book is adding an audio narration track to Powerpoint. While it can be done with a video editor and slide images this method does it right within Powerpoint. (more…)

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Using Ensemble Video at Illinois

Ensemble is a video content management system that allows communicators to upload video files to the Web and easily share them with other campus units. Ensemble also makes it easy to archive and find videos posted by campus units and share them on iTunes U and social media networks. Public Affairs coordinates efforts for Ensemble […]

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Online Course on Audio Description

Audio Description: The Visual Made Verbal – ON-LINE! And FREE! Note: While this option should not be construed as a substitute for a face-to-face training, it may be helpful for some people. Audio Description is a literary art form. It’s a type of poetry-a haiku. It provides a verbal version of the visual-the visual is […]

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Site for Those Interested in Formats

Sustainability of Digital Formats – Planning for Library of Congress Collections The Digital Formats Website provides information about digital content formats. The analyses and resources presented here will increase and be updated over time. The compilers, Caroline R. Arms and Carl Fleischhauer, invite feedback on the content.

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