About the CME

Who we are

The CME is an interdisciplinary group of campus media, IT, library, and communication staff who are committed to developing best practices for rich media on the Illinois campus. The CME is a virtual organization with members volunteering their time and knowledge to campus projects.

Statement of Purpose

To develop shared knowledge, best practices, and resources for media production, publishing, accessibility, and preservation, so as to improve the quality and impact of media used for education, research, outreach, and public service.

Operating System

The CME maintains a voluntary Membership guided by a Steering Group, which directs specific Projects to be conducted by Working Groups. We communicate and document our work using online collaboration tools including a listserv, and wiki, and a CME website. CME Working Groups may use additional tools as needed for projects.


CME Steering Group
A small group of CME leaders who coordinate CME efforts.
CME Member:
Anyone subscribed to the CME listserv.
CME Projects:
Work focused on specific objectives established or approved by the CME Steering Group. Projects can be proposed by any CME Member, but go through the Steering Group so we can manage priorities given our time and resources.
CME Working Group:
A subset of CME Members who agree to work on a specific CME Project.
CME Interest Group:
A group of CME members exploring a subject area to understand it better, but not necessarily working toward specific outcomes. CME interest groups might produce brownbags, research products, documentation, and other things that benefit the CME membership and the entire campus community. They may also feed into specific Projects.

Working Group guidelines

Working Groups should have:

  • an agreed-upon method of communication with Working Group members
  • a chairperson or convener to schedule meetings
  • an agenda and action items for meetings
  • a designated person to take notes

Meeting notes should be posted on the CME wike within 2 days to encourage discussion and involvement from others.

Working Groups will typically provide a report during the monthly CME Community Meeting, or during the CME Steering Group meeting as needed.