UCLA Athletics Deploys New Archive Workflow Solution

UCLA Athletics Deploys New Archive Workflow Solution — Campus Technology.

Here’s a very interesting article about a university losing valuable media due to a less than comprehensive archiving strategy. This is a critical area the library working on with support of the CME. Phase One of the Media Census, the first stage of getting a handle on our assets, was guided by Colleen Cook from the CME. Her work was a tremendous start to this large and important project.

The Library is now starting Phase Two of the Media Census with CME’s Josh Harris working along with Zachary Boerger a Grad Assistant in the Library’s Media Preservation Unit. Please contact Zak at boerger2 at illinois dot edu if you have media collections that are worth preserving and are in of attention. Zak has the answers as to how to proceed.

Please attend our next monthly meetings and get involved and be part of the solution. We all have some media gems in our units that we don’t want to lose.


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