Video-related Free Public Affairs Resources Available to Everyone on Campus

Joel Steinfeldt from Public Affairs presented vast collection of free multimedia resources his office offers to content creators at the January CME Community meeting. This session was well received and provided some excellent solutions to making your production have that official University of Illinois branding and identity. Below the resources are broken down into some logical categories.

Illinois in a Box

Illinois in a Box provides up-to-date tools and resources, free or at a minimal cost, to help us tell the Illinois story. In effect, Illinois in a Box packages a branded display environment, supplies, and campus messages, customized to your needs. Available items include signage and banners, table skirts and table tents, props for photo opportunities, handouts, giveaways, facts brochures and more.

General info at:

Catalog at:

Notable resources in the catalog: the “Block Rocker” Public Address System, microphone flags, Flip cameras, and banners that can be used in backgrounds (there are many more). The rest of the items in the catalog are mostly intended for events rather than video production.

Closed captioning using YouTube and Ensemble:

Video tips and tricks (for beginners):

Talent release forms:

Campus image database:

Specific Video Production Resources

A few video resources such as logos prepared especially for video, nameplates–we’re reworking these currently so that the nameplates, logos, etc., are suitable for HD and more suitable for NTSC DV standard and widescreen:

Video Edit Bay and Studio:

Free Video-related Resources Only Available Via Chief Communication Officers
Contact your CCO (list here: and work with them to obtain access to the following:

  • A small studio with lighting and backgrounds, including green screen (really just a converted office, but it’s helped some folks)
  • A video editing bay (Final Cut Pro 7, other software)
  • Soundtracks/sound files that the campus has licensed for use. Have your CCO contact Todd Wilson

List of all free or low-cost PA resources:

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