Stock Footage and Images at Illinois

At some point most staff that work with rich media need stock images, sounds, or video of the campus. Someone has what you need, but you don’t know it. Your current solution is to (1) go out and shoot some new content, (2) call someone you know, (3) Google “Illinois” and hope for a good image.

We can achieve a visible and useful victory for the CME if we can solve and document the following:

  • Who has access to the still image repository and how can we expand access and knowledge if this?
  • What are the limitations (if any) on these images?
  • Where can we find royalty free music to use in projects (both generic soundtrack and “Illinois” branded content)
  • What stock video footage do we have, and what do we need to record (think different seasons of the year, day/night)

If we all start contributing to stock footage, where will the files reside, what metadata will be captured/needed, and how will we advertise and catalog the content? File naming important here too.

  • How do we define who can access it?
  • What else is needed?
  • Don’t worry too much about building something elaborate. What are the basic technologies needed that would allow us to realize a stock repository in the spring, and let us build into the future?

Three resources for still images

Pixels is a multi-disciplinary blog from the University of Illinois Library and the College of Fine and Applied Arts with announcements and technical tips on finding, creating, and using digital images in teaching, learning, and research.



Creative Services Image Database:

Thanks to:
Paul Ponder, Charlotte Bauer, Alex Ibarra, Jim Baltz, and Rick Hazlewood

for gathering these resources.

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