CME Steering Committee Release “Vision”

In December the CME Steering Committee, at the request of IT Leadership from both the campus and the University, released a vision document that described steps to raise multimedia to an enterprise supported service. This new vision provides direction and identifies needs for storage and distribution, catalog, accessibility, and content creation.

The first few sentences sum up the reasoning behind the vision:

The key to maintaining and extending the University of Illinois’ reputation for academic excellence lies in offering a global audience the core of the University: the minds and achievements of our faculty, staff and students.

Everyone at the University is a potential multimedia content producer. Video can be created with a digital camera, a cell phone, or a computer. But once we create content, how do we share it and store it? How do others find it? How do we preserve it for future use in a world where media is changing so rapidly?

Please find the vision document and also an operational plan attached. The CME Steering Committee welcomes your comments as we embark on a new phase of multimedia’s use at our institution.

Multimedia Matters 2011-12-09

Illinois Media Services Operational Proposal

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